About Sizzling Mess

I’m an enthusiastic eater, which led me to being a passionate cook, which led to me going to culinary school, and that led me here.

I like to talk about food. I enjoy reading about food science. I live for covering my kitchen in dropped sugar and spilled sauces like a bomb went off mid-recipe. I will fight to the death to protect my rainbow-colored Le Creuset collection. But mostly, I just like to eat.

I also have Celiac Disease, which means that this entire blog is gluten free. I was diagnosed as an adult, and it’s my current mission in life not to miss out on the food I love just because I can’t eat wheat (or barley, or rye, or oats, or whiskey which is a sticking point for me – you get the idea). I’m going to post a mix of aggressively gluten free recipes for my fellow GF babes out there (hi, I love you, please see these gluten free beer-battered onion rings), and recipes that never contained gluten in the first place for everyone else (chicken wings are gluten free, yo!).

I have a big vegetable garden but I have no idea what I’m doing. I watch a hopeless amount of television. And I will fight you for the last buffalo wing.